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I am so pissed right now. Okay – this is one entry that WILL NOT be submitted to my husband. Part of me feels really evil for being so mad and part of me knows that I’m being absolutely irrational and a bitch to live with, but the other part doesn’t care. I seriously think I need help. I feel like I’m going crazy. The only happy thing for me right now is Maggie. Tom’s mother is coming any minute. He comes in from the gym, where needless to say, he spent 2 1/2 hours while I cleaned our house and did our laundry, and he’s pissed at me because I ate supper and didn’t wait to eat with his mother. Oh, Excuse me for being hungry. Maybe if he’s had the decency to tell me to wait…but no, he needs to go work out and spend an hour longer than he told me he’d be gone. Whatever. I hear myself being so irrationally mean and I can’t stop. What is the definition of petulant? Whatever that word means, that’s the word that Mama said she didn’t want me to be. She called it our “petulant” tone and said that I took after her. I inherited it. I inherited my mother’s bitchiness. Way to go, Mama. Here I am doing exactly what you hoped I wouldn’t do. I feel like I’m going absolutely crazy and I just went and took two zolofts after sitting on the couch stewing in silence while Tom watches football and holds my ray of sunshine (that would be Maggie). SO…let’s take a poll.

Am I:
a. in need of marriage counseling
b. in need of mental counseling
c. in need of more zoloft
d. just a freakin crazy bitch

Hm…can’t wait to hear what y’all think.