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Yesterday was a sad day… I helped Sue move out of Clemson, and Mama’s been gone 4 weeks. I’m so glad that Sue’s has somewhere exciting to go – still haven’t processed that she’s flying out to CA in 1 week and 1 day – but I still feel so much sadness for what could have been when I looked at her too-cute Gamma Phi Bid Day pictures and her cute little roommate.

But on a brighter note, I thoroughly enjoyed not being at work yesterday. Mondays just suck – like they weren’t bad enough, now every time one passes, I think “ok, one more week since Mama left.” Oh wait, this was supposed to be a brighter note…

Ok trying again.

But on a brighter note, last night, Bobby and I signed a letter of intent and disclosure for 8934 Hwy 24, Townville, SC 29689!! So it’s official – the Weeks are officially selling and we’re officially buying the little old manse on Hwy 24. It still seems so surreal to me – we’re really moving to Townville! And they want to close on the house before Dec 31st, which is crazy soon. I’m not sure how I feel about what they want to do – they want to sell the house to us in Dec, then rent it from us until they finish building their new house in April. Now this sounds sort of reasonable in theory, except that they only want to pay their regular mortgage payment, which is going to leave about a $300-400 gap in the monthly payments. Um, no, Bobby and I will not be paying on a mortgage for a house that they’re still living in. It feels more than a little weird negotiating with my 3rd grade teacher because she’s the “adult” and I’m the “child,” but I keep reminding myself that this is business…

And all who might be wondering, I still love my new Holes of Satan. Mama’s been completely, completely annoyed with me for days now, but she’s coming around, I think :)

And I want to document that Maggie has discovered the joy of drama, and is exercising her powers to her greatest advantage. WOW. Talk about mood swings and extreme emotion – I do believe that our new little Denise is going to take it to a whole new level. Don’t know if it’s possible to be bipolar at 6 weeks?

And Jennifer’s lullabies have taken a downturn as of late – I think I’ll document them here just in case we forget one day. It would truly be a tragedy to lose these… Yesterday’s lyrics included (and I’m paraphrasing, so Jennifer, please forgive me if I quote you inaccurately):

Maggie, Maggie, you are so good
I wish that I was in the hood
No, I don’t, No, I don’t
Cuz in the hood, there are lots of drugs
Lots of drugs and lots of thugs

And here’s another one:
Reeces Pieces are so yum
Yes they are
I want to eat them in a bar

And finally, and I’m saving the best for last:
Maggie, Maggie, you are so pretty
I’m so sorry you feel so shitty

Oh, yes, Mama’s SOOOOOOO proud right now.