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Okay – so after talking to Sarah and explaining to her that Crappy Friend called me AGAIN today, we have an interactive blog activity for all to participate in (um…all 3 of us, that is). Here we go…

Please vote for your top choice of names that should come up in my cell phone when Crappy Friend calls (if we were to change Crappy Friend to something else):

a. Crappy Bitch
b. Curly Bitch
c. Queen Bitch
d. Bitch of the World
e. All of the Above
f. Your own suggestion: _____________

Here is my e-mail that I am going to send her:

Dear Crappy Friend,

Yes, Erin, you asshole, that’s you. You’re a crappy friend and anyone that would mess with me or my sisters or my mama or my Maggie deserves to have their crappy curls pulled out one by one and stuffed up their butthole and pulled out their nose. Please don’t call me ever again.

Love your friend,


What do y’all think?