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So I just read my last post, and wow, I do believe that my anger issues are apparent. Maybe I’ll talk to ole’ Dr. Jerry about that tomorrow.

Just wrote my response to Uncle Jack about the beach trip… isn’t it next week? I’ve totally lost track of time – an hour seems like a day, and a week seems like an hour sometimes. Very weird, and not really conducive to productivity here at work. But anyway, I was completely honest with him, for better or for worse. Don’t know how he’s going to respond, but he’s not in my core group, so Dr. Jerry says I don’t have to make his feelings my priority right now. So there.

For journaling purposes, I’m going to summarize the weekend, even though ya’ll were there for most of it. On Friday, I left work a little early, and came home to a door ajar, and Jennifer cleaning my apt! Oh happy day! :) On the drive home from work, I had felt the energy draining away (being around non-core people is really exhausting these days), so it was a much-needed pickup to find Jen buzzing around and making things sparkly and clean. Sue came over after her movie with Kathryn, and we hung out and passed Maggie-Waggie around until Merrill arrived. Ordered pizza and had an evening of complete brain-rot (including CSI Miami – gotta love Horatio)… twas lovely.

Then Saturday, Sue and I got up at the butt-crack of dawn (bleh), and went for further beautification by our new best friend Lisa. One the way, stopped by Dunkin Donuts for a coffee pick-me-up, and S was pissed about the lack of drive-thru… called it a “cultural inconvenience”, which I chortled about for the rest of the weekend. It’s now my new favorite term :) Our new best friend Lisa added red and blonde streaks to our respective heads, while discussing the validity of psychics and the suckiness of taking a Greyhound bus from here to Texas (which, not surprisingly, is very, very sucky).

When we returned from our hair appts, prettier, relaxed, and $100 poorer, Michele was already there just chatting away with Jen, Tom and Maggie-poo. Throughout the course of the day, Michele rose to, and pretty much cemented her position as, favorite non-biological sister. She and Merrill are neck and neck these days… love her. We went to lunch, and dumped our emotional baggage all over her pretty little self, and she never even flinched. Then that afternoon, Sue left for some PC entertainment, Jen took and nap, and I continued with what had to be a horribly painful one-on-one play-by-play of Sept 17th. And again, Michele just sat and listened with all her heart, tears streaming down her cheeks. That evening, Daddy came over and we all had sloppy Hardee’s hamburgers (ummm, yummy), and then Sunday morning, Michele left after she, Jennifer, & I had donuts and coffee.

Sunday, we went to T-ville, and the four of us sat – me, Jen, Sue, & Daddy. I started on a downward spiral, which was accentuated by my wine consumption when I got home (see previous post). Yesterday, didn’t have a hangover, but didn’t feel social either – worked from home, which was a fabulous way to not use vacation hours and still stay in my pj’s on the couch.

Ok, so I guess that’s it. It’s ya’ll’s turn.