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I am happy to report that I officially slept most of the night last night. Tom was on “Maggie Duty” as I have titled it, and I got to sleep finally. I’ve been needing that. I was running a stupid fever again this morning. Yay for me. I guess this is my new morning ritual. Get up. Run a fever. Sweat a lot. Quit running a fever.
Anyway, sorry. So, back to sleeping – I did get up every time she cried just long enough to heat her bottle, change her diaper, and then hand her off to Tom (who by the end of the night was not so much enjoying this routine…especially the part where I left him and went and crawled back in bed). And I don’t know if anyone will care, but I also (for the first time since before Maggie was born…over a month ago) vacuumed my apartment. I EVEN vacuumed underneath the living room rug. Maggie was in her swing and the noise actually PUT her to sleep. That’s a new one. I’ll have to remember that for next time I can’t get her to sleep. It may actually promote vacuuming in the future.
So – in reference to the other stuff I read this morning that y’all have written – I agree with everything Sarah said, Sue. We are about to experience yet another very large whole in our little family (although not permanent) and we will all miss you more than I think we even have realized yet. In our happiness for you, I think we haven’t actually stopped to think about that it really stinks for us. But back to the happiness part, I am truly, truly glad that you are taking this giant step. It’s definitely something Mama would NEVER have approved of and maybe that’s a good thing for you right now. I don’t really know how to explain that statement, but maybe you will understand what I’m trying to say. Mama also doesn’t approve of large tattoos (or small) or nose piercings, but I don’t condone either one of those like I do the trip to California. I think this will be good for you and that’s the bottom line and main reason for doing it. I agree with Sarah that it is a little scary that you may come home to visit and be a different person, but I hope you stay grounded to who you really are. Mama has instilled so many small things in us that we’re only just beginning to learn about. And although you may not have known Mama in your adult years, she had the time to share everything with you that makes you just exactly who you are. She had just enough time. I’m so glad for that for your sake. We are all a large piece of Mama and if you stick us all three together, we are Mama. I support your decisions all the way around the world and back if that’s where you want to go, Sue – as long as you don’t forget to always come back. I like what Sarah said last night – we are a little unit and no matter where any member of our unit goes, be it Africa, Japan, or California, it only means that our world has slightly expanded. Our unit is still our little unit.
Okay – speaking of rambling, I think I’m done now. Tom and I are getting ready to head out to Townville and help Daddy in the yard. I’m really looking forward to tonight…