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So, I am between appointments with my fantastic counselor…who told me I’m high risk (um, yes I assumed so) and the Dean of Students with Clemson University. So far this is what I’ve got: My counselor said three things…and I’ve already forgotten the really insightful thing. Damn it. Anyway, my counselor said three things but I only remember two: 1) I should seriously consider taking a medical leave (“I would completely support that decision” -my counselor) and 2) I should definitely not drink alcohol anymore because it hinders the “grieving process”… and I REMEMBER the 3rd one. I have had what she likes to call a “Greater Experience.” Everybody has their “Experience” that forms their perspective and my experience is a “Greater Experience” (which basically means something really fucked up happened to me :) oh yay) which means my box is widened and I am no longer receptive to smaller problems (for the time being).

Anyway, that’s all I have time for: Time to be psychoanalyzed by another person. Oh yay. Take that Sarah, you may have made the counselor cry but I’m so messed up I need TWO.

Just kidding, I love you.