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Welcome to being a blogger. I always thought these were kind’ve stupid and I’ve never taken the time to read any other blogs so I don’t even really know how these things work. I am currently minding Sarah in my task to “write a blog before today is over”. No offense, Sarah, I just feel crappy right now. I’m at Mama and Daddy’s house and Maggie just went to sleep. She started talking today – well, not actually really talking, but more like making happy noises. She is only 4 weeks and one day, after all. She celebrates her one month birthday tomorrow. I am so very happy to have her – for all of our sakes. I don’t care how spoiled everyone else thinks that she is. Holding her makes us all feel better, I think. Sarah calls it “Maggie Therapy”. Good for the soul. So, I agree, Sue, that it’s really hard to write un-edited versions of what you’re thinking, especially when you’ve never been one to keep a journal. I used to try to keep a diary and I remember Mama giving me that journal not so long ago when she gave us all one. That very journal is still sitting on my dresses with entirely blank pages throughout. Mama’s intention was for us to write about what we were feeling, our journey, etc., as we dealt with her being sick. I never thought that I would start journaling on a blog that was begun to “celebrate” Denise’s life – because that life here on Earth was over. Lovely. I like being at this house because I feel closer to her. I go around and fill up my time here with doing things that I know she would be doing if she were here – washing the clothes and towels, watering her flowers (which I still need to do today), sweeping the kitchen floor, and other random stuff. My newest endeavor is going to be to learn how to grow flowers. My favorite thing to help Mama with in her flower bed used to be to cut the dead zinnia flowers off and put them in a ziploc. So…we have a long way to go because I actually have to plant the stupid zinnias and make them grow before I can chop up the dead ones. My goal is to make the flower beds, flower pots, and window box look “pre-cancer” by Spring. Or “Cancer-free”. Whatever. Okay – the rambling has to cease for now because I can feel whoever is reading this getting bored. But wait – I’m writing this for me, right? And I can write whatever I want. So, if I wanted to randomly write an entire page of cuss words in different colors and fonts, I could. I hear that is good therapy, Sue. I may try it soon.