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Hey there –
I got your voice mails… I’m so sorry I missed you! Bobby and I got up really early Sat morning to go yard-saling, and to an estate sale…. I’ve never been, and we had a good time :) Then I had lunch with the girls from work, and when we got back home, I passed out on the sofa for HOURS. My phone apparently fell down into the sofa cushions, because I had missed 6 calls when I finally dug it out Sat evening :)

I’m so looking forward to you coming – I would love for you to spend Sat night! I’m going to try to get a hair appt on Sat, so I was wondering if you’d mind coming to that with me, depending on what time you get there. And we can watch the game (although if Clemson plays like they did this past Saturday, we probably won’t want to watch the massacre past the first quarter). And we could drive out to Townville and I could show you my little house…. I went over a took tons of pictures yesterday, so I’ve gotta get Bobby to load them so I can send them out. I’m really excited that you’re coming – I just hope you don’t mind me dragging you around with me, and doing various things :)

Yeah, the check for the tickets is still hanging on the fridge, I think…. I don’t think we’ve even moved it. So I’ll just leave it there, and we can figure it out this weekend. Funny that you thought of that while watching the Wiggles! :)

And there’s major drama going on with Tom’s job that I’ll have to tell you about – I don’t completely understand the whole thing, but there’s a chance he might lose his job, which will be devastating for their little family of three. The short version is this – last night, Tom was working (he works every Sunday since he’s a pastor on staff), and this man came up to him and said he needed to talk. Tom took him into a little counseling room, where the guy (who was obviously unbalanced) started freaking out and saying that he needed to be baptized IMMEDIATELY – that he wasn’t leaving until Tom baptized him. Tom tried to explain that NewSpring (his church) has a huge baptism service every month, and that he needed to wait until then, but the guy was crying and kept saying “but what if I leave here and die tonight?” This went on for a while, until Tom finally told him that they could have a “symbolic” baptism – he explained the NewSpring normally does full immersion (which is where they fully dip you), but that since this was symbolic, they would just do the “sprinkle” – so Tom took the guy to the bathroom, and baptized him, explaining the whole time that this was “symbolic” and not in accordance with NewSpring’s baptism service. Well, then one of the other pastors walk in, and next thing Tom knows, he AND the crazy guy are in the head pastor’s office. The guy started having spasms on the floor, screaming about how he was going to die tonight, etc, etc, and the head paster had security come remove him. Then the head & associate paster told Tom to go home and take the day off tomorrow as well – that they needed to pray about whether or not to “let him go.” So Tom’s not at work today – he and Jennifer are basically just sitting there waiting for the verdict. Jennifer has vowed to never go that church again – she thinks that it’s a disgrace that their church policy would be more important than that poor crazy man’s peace of mind. So I don’t know what’s going to happen….. what a flipping mess.

So anyway, that’s the update… fun, huh? I swear, it feels like there’s a black cloud hanging over us sometimes – it’s just one thing after another. But of course after the initial tears, my family makes a joke out of it, of course…. we started laughing about “WWMD” (what would Mama do). Mama was famous for her written “zingers” – she could write a letter that would make your toenails curl… And if NewSpring fired Tom, she would write a stinging editorial to the local paper, exposing NewSpring to the Anderson community for what they really are, and harass the paper until they ran her letter in large print…. we were all laughing hysterically as we came up with what we thought Mama’s letter would say. I think we really are a little unbalanced, you know? Oh well, better to laugh than the alternative, I guess :)

I hope you’re having a good Monday… I’m doing absolutely nothing all day. I’ve pretty much been a waste of skin here at work for the last few days since I came back – I was 30 minutes late this morning, and totally unrepentant. I hope I snap out of it at some point, but right now, it’s just really hard to get excited about the fascinating world of hydraulic valves…. ha :)

Love you, and see you soon!… Have I mentioned that I’m so, so, so glad you’re coming?