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Whew, it was an eventful weekend! Ok, I’m going to summarize –

Friday night, Merrill came for a mini-girls weekend, and we had a wonderful time. I really, really do love her. She regaled us with sex tales that were too funny – she really has a way with words. She’s completely back to normal… She even chose draft beer with dinner because it was $0.25 cheaper – funny.

Sat morning, Merrill and I got up and booked it to Target and Walmart, bought stuff for shower food, and threw it together. I so would have crashed and burned without Merrill – she knew by heart how to make pimento cheese, spinach dip, and peanut butter balls. I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start – I would have been begging at the deli counter for a sandwich tray.

Michele, Marlena, & Rhonda got there at 11ish Sat morning, and we all set everything up – it looked perfect! You never would have guessed that a menu completely didn’t exist a few hours before. I made these pink and green tissue paper pom-poms and hung them over the table, with coordinating gifts as a centerpiece – it would have made Martha Stewart proud! :) And Marlena brought egg and chicken salad sandwiches, so we ended up having 3 sandwich choices, peanut butter balls, spinach dip with wheat thins, mints & nuts, and the cutest cake that I’ve ever seen at a shower. Rhonda had it made at Cakes by Shirley in Seneca, and it was a huge hit.

And Marlena had flowers done at a florist – pink gerber daisies in little glass bowls with clear marbles. It was an excellent idea that I’m going to file away… Jennifer and Tom got great stuff – the only things that they might still need are the wooden letters that hang over her crib, and a closet organizer. Everything else has completely been taken care of, which is wonderful.

And yesterday, Bobby and I drove to Charlotte for his friend Stuart’s going-away party. It really meant a lot that Bobby made the trip, so I’m glad we drove up even though it pretty much took the whole day.

Ok, I just wrote a whole huge chunk, and then accidentally deleted it. Go me. So here’s the short version this time.

And on another note, I “went Clomid” (as Tom so succinctly put it) on the pregnant smoking girl last week, and she hasn’t smoked since, at least not at work. She came back up to me and thanked me to giving her “the kick in the butt” that she’s been needing. Then I, of course, started crying and talking about how pregnancy’s a gift and it has to be nurtured and appreciated and protected. I can’t believe that what I said actually made a difference. It’s nice when what feels like a temper-fit actually turns out to be something that was supposed to happen all along.