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I can’t believe its August already… this year really has passed so quickly. Only 5 more weeks until my year is up – wow, it really seems like not that long ago that it was 20-something weeks. And the funny thing is that it passed a lot more quickly once I stopped counting.

I’ve been collecting the information about Rush today for Sue. She’s really starting to cut it close on the deadline for registration – honestly, she probably should have done the early-bird registration in order to increase her chances, but I’m not going to tell her that. The biggest step is getting the transcripts – I honestly think that she needs to send both her Clemson and high school transcripts, since her Clemson grades weren’t that great. It’ll give a more well rounded picture of her scholastic achievement. And it’s going to cost $100… I hate just giving it to her because her birthday is coming up as well, and I’m going to take her shopping and to get her hair cut – but $100 comes more easily to Bobby and me than to M&D or J&T.

Ok, it’s hug time… gotta go.