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Today’s the last day of July… that’s insane. I talked to Michele last night – she got an offer from Bank of America yesterday and accepted, so she’ll turn her notice in to United Rentals tomorrow. It’s a great-sounding job – a flex schedule where she’ll be able to work from home, and freaking 12 WEEKS paid maternity leave!! I’m so happy for her!!

I didn’t do anything healthy last night – went home, and played with the BBT charting and our finances for a while, then talked to Michele for close to an hour, then Bobby got home and I watched TV with him for the rest of the evening. We haven’t been to the gym in weeks – bad, bad, bad. I’m really, really going to try to go tonight, although it’s not as fun going by myself.

Bobby had a hard day yesterday at Champion – his “staff” is starting to push him to see how far they can go. They gave him attitude about his meetings, and pretty much everything he said and tried to accomplish during his morning meeting yesterday. I told him that although I’m all for being their friend, that he’s ultimately their manager, and in order to be successful, he’s going to have to act like it. Step up to the plate, and piss some people off – they’ll get over it, and ultimately, he’ll earn their respect, which I’m not sure that he really has now based on what he told me yesterday. It’s a process though – it’s too small a company for him to have gone into that position with his guns blazing, even if he knew how to manage people, which he doesn’t. This is a startup business in every sense of the word – the products, as well as the people, are still finding their feet.

Justin told me that he has an interview on Thursday evening… I wonder if this will be the one. He’s interviewing on a regular basis – he’s going to hit the right one sooner or later, and it’s going to change the entire landscape of this dept. I would be sad if he left, I guess, but it really wouldn’t affect me that much.

Tomorrow’s Aug 1st, and we’re now back on the debt snowball track – but it doesn’t really feel like anything’s happening until we make that next payment toward the LL Bean.

I talked to Marlena yesterday about J’s baby shower – I told her that my mom has pink china that she wants to use. I’m going to get up early Sat morning and buy flowers, a couple of fruit & veggie platters, and tulle for the table. I’m going to try to get to Mama’s house by at least 9:30 or 10am…

I’m so ready for something to happen. I just feel very jittery today… maybe it’s because I just have too much free time on my hands. I just made a TO DO list for both work and home that takes up an entire legal pad sheet – every freaking line. And most of it’s not that hard – it’s just a matter of buckling down and doing it. There are so many “what if’s” jumbling around in my head….

I wish I could take a day off and do everything on my personal TO DO list… that way, maybe I could focus a little more on my work list.

So I’ve marked 7 things off my to-do list… 2 of them were things that I just decided to put off, but still, it gives a sense of accomplishment to see the list shrinking. And I started on the monthly report beast, so that’s a good feeling. I looked at the agenda for tomorrow’s group hug, and I don’t think that a powerpoint is necessary – just for my Friday individual mid-year review. And Marlena emailed me that Emma’s 1st b-day party is going to be on the 18th, so I’ve got that on the calendar… no danger of scheduling conflict now. I emailed Mama and asked if she wants to go to Greenville with me tomorrow – that way, I could knock out my G-ville errands while still fulfilling my Wednesday responsibility. And tonight I can go on home and do my Anderson errands – Walmart, Target and Hobby Lobby.

I know this sounds a little dreamy and idealistic, but sometimes I feel really excited about the possibilities that are in front of me and Bobby right now. We’re at one of those juxtapositions that could send us off into any directions, or maybe a few at once. Some of it worries me, but some of it’s just really, really exciting – like the thought of the house that we’re going to be to buy one day. The house is completely obtainable… When I think about where we‘re going to in 1 year and 5 years, it’s really exciting…