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Friday night, we went to Atlanta to pick up M&T with their new addition. Emma is absolutely, completely perfect…. The child looks like a little doll. Marlena had her dressed in a pink smocked dress with a white bow in her dark hair, and white patent leather shoes. She was amazingly agreeable – reached for anyone who wanted to hold her, and never cried through the entire process.

Of course, the rest of us were crying freaking buckets – but Emma wasn’t, even through dinner. We headed home, and carried their luggage in for them while they put Emma in her crib for the first time. They were just standing over her bed, looking down at her, and crying… it was one of the most touching things I’ve ever seen. She has continued to be an amazingly good baby – she sleeps through the night, and is perfectly content to play by herself or with them. I guess on some level, based on other people, I was expecting their lives to be totally disrupted like the other new parents I’ve seen – screaming at all hours of the night, fussiness at inopportune times, and just the general inconvenience (however much you want them, they still require a total life adjustment) of children. But we’re 3 days in, and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

It’s a good thing – Bobby and I have been in a huge slump for the last 10 months as far as our relationship is concerned, but there’s been a turning point during the last few weeks. It’s been really, really nice – this weekend, we did the Atlanta pick-up Friday, then drove to VA to the family reunion on Sat. Stayed at the reunion for 7 hrs (and Bobby didn’t complain once!), spent the night with G&G B, went to church on Sunday morning, had lunch, then left around 4pm yesterday to come home.

And the entire time, we didn’t fight. There were no arguments, no snippy comments, no silent treatments or evilness of any kind. It was really, really nice – just a nice weekend with my husband who I actually really like. There have been so many times in the last 10 months that I haven’t liked him – not because he really did anything wrong, but just because I was unhappy. I would look for reasons to be annoyed or mad at him – and everything he said and did either got on my nerves or hurt my feelings or both.

This weekend was really great because I felt like myself again – really happy, and ok with everything – and Bobby was happy too. He’s been so moody lately – just very on-edge and easily aggravated by the slightest misstep. But this weekend was like we used to be when we were first married – happy, attracted to each other, in love again. Bobby’s completely in love with Emma – she looks at him and just laughs, and he beams… he’s so proud that she likes him. He really is going to be a wonderful daddy, and I can’t wait for that to happen.