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And can I just say that it’s been so nice not having to dread the weeks of July passing? I didn’t realize how much I was stressing about the Praxis until it was removed… and it’s like a weight off my shoulders.

There’s no reason for me to not look forward to July… there’s great stuff happening, and now I don’t have to worry about splitting my time between life and something that only applies to the far-away future. This weekend is the beginning of Clomid – and I guess it’s weird that I’m actually excited about that.

And Aunt Gin and G-ma Weathers is coming to Townville, so that’ll be a nice visit – it’ll be fun to have them in our area rather than having to drive to Bowman, and then watch the clock and worry about the trip back. Next week will hopefully be easy – we’re off the 4th, and I don’t plan to stay past 10am on Friday.

Next weekend is Emma coming home and family reunion – Tom’s really truly dreading the reunion, but it’s not so bad. The weekend after that – July 14th – kicks off Days 13-19…. and the 17th is the dr’s appt, which is another step toward the goal, and Daddy’s birthday. The weekend after that is Jennifer’s baby shower, G-ma Butcher’s 70th birthday (and hopefully she’ll be coming down to spend it with us), and the kick-off to VACATION!!

Yay for not coming to work for a WEEK – I have plans to lay on the beach, take lots of naps, read lots of books & magazines, and watch lots of movies. It’s honestly going to be the first real vacation that I’ve had since we went on that cruise in Sept 05 – I think that’s when it was. Regardless, I’m so, so ready…

The week after vacation is another baby shower, which will be somewhat stressful since I’m a co-host, but hopefully not too bad. And then August seems to slow down… we don’t really have anything except two weddings on the 11th and 25th. Susanna rushes the week of Aug 19th thru 27th… that’ll be a stress, but hopefully a good stress rather than otherwise.