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I’m going to CVS on my way to Townville this evening to drop off my Clomid and Zoloft prescriptions.

Tonight’s my Townville night – I guess I’ll call Mama after work to see if she wants me to bring dinner. If so, I’ll stop at Ingles on 24 to get one of those little rotisserie chickens – they’re pretty tasty, and they won’t upset her stomach if she’s staring to feel back from yesterday’s chemo treatment already. They told her that she’ll start feeling bad for longer periods of time as the smaller Carbo doses build up in her system – during the last treatment, she didn’t really start feeling better until Sunday evening, whereas it used to be Sat that she was up and running again.

But it’s still better than the alternative – I really think that we’re going to try to stay with this drug as long as possible, just because 3-4 days of feeling yucky – not puking, not absolutely wretched, just yucky – every two weeks is definitely preferable to having a treatment every week. That’s why I definitely think we made a good decision canceling that treatment last week.