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Today’s Friday, and I don’t know if I’ve ever been so glad that a week’s over. I’m sure I have, but not in the last little while… there was the thing with Ron, then yesterday, and then last night, Mama called around midnight and said that Sue had been in a wreck in Greenville. So there was a whole freak-out with that – Mama’s freaking out, Daddy can’t operate his cell phone and doesn’t know how to switch between calls, and he’s just pissy in general, which of course causes drama and continual comments from Mama about how Daddy needs to “be the one on Zoloft,” Susanna’s fine but saying that she doesn’t want to talk to Mama because she stresses her out, so I call Mama back and relay the message that Susanna’s fine, and Bobby lies there and stares at the ceiling and mutters about how my family pisses him off.

And today, Julie’s mad at Sarah 1, Sarah 1 is trying to force Julie to go to lunch with us for “life coaching” (yes, she’s really calling it that), my emails are piling up and there are multiple “love notes” from Ron that I’m just ignoring, and the Attachment A’s need to be updated by, well, today. So did I mention that I’m so freaking glad it’s Friday? I feel emotionally drained from this week – it’s been a non-stop series of unfortunate events, and meanwhile, I’m trying to wean myself off Lexapro so I can be proactive and go on Zoloft the baby-friendly anti-depressant, and we all know how decreasing the anti-depressant can be…. Yeah. It’s probably a really good thing that Bobby was gone for most of this week because I’m sure that I would have attached a bulls-eye to his back at some point when really he has less to do with it than anybody.

Not all the emotion crap has been bad though – M&T got the call Wednesday night that they’re PINK!!!, which is truly, truly great. For the first time since they began this process, they have a definite deadline –

Mon, July 2nd – fly to GUA and have Emma brought to them for the last time. Say goodbye and thank you to the foster mom… wow, I’ll bet that’s going to be so hard for that lady to say goodbye to the baby that she’s raised for the last 10 months.
Tues, July 3rd – appt with the Guatemalan embassy. Get Emma’s paperwork completed on the GUA side – passport, Visa, etc.
Wed, July 4th – the US embassy is closed for the holiday, so they just hang out and probably buy stuff on the credit card 
Thurs, July 5th – appt with the US embassy. Get Emma’s paperwork completed on the US side
Fri, July 6th – fly forever home. Land in Atlanta at 7pm to a welcoming party of at least 2 – that would be me and Bobby – holding signs, banners, cameras, and Kleenex.

I’m sure we’ll have company in Atlanta though – Tim’s parents, some of Marlena’s coworkers maybe, Mikey & Lisa (they’d better if they want Marlena to ever speak to them again), Lee maybe, and Marlena’s granny. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m going to call Rhonda next week and organize a welcoming party in the Atlanta airport as a surprise. Need to figure out M&T’s transportation details – are they driving down and leaving their car at the airport, or are they getting someone to take them? – and contact everyone who might want to come. Oh, that’s a good project…. I need to start asap.

And Barbie’s high-risk dr “released” her yesterday – she’s officially out of the woods in terms of miscarrying. It’s such a wonderful thing – she’s 37 and has been trying to have a baby for years. This was a last-ditch attempt for them – if she had miscarried this time, she wouldn’t have tried again. So I’m really, really glad that it’s working out for them….