So a few months ago, we hired this woman named Janet as a dept assistant. She was absolutely not right – she talked to herself, was very slow to pick up on things, and was just generally a horrible fit for the job and the dept. After 60 days, on May 18, my co-worker Julie fired her. It really sucked because she had just bought a house here in Easley, and she was totally blind-sided, even though Julie had had weekly reviews with her to go over her bad performance. When Julie and HR fired her, her parting line as she left the room to clean out her desk was “well, I hope you come to my funeral.”

And then she died!!! On the Tuesday after we fired her!…. isn’t that terrible? One of my coworkers found the obituary today – she died on Tues, May 22, and the paper didn’t say how – and now we’re all feeling freaked out because she probably killed herself. None of us really took her parting line seriously except for Julie – it really bothered her and she went to HR and asked them to follow up with Janet, but they never did. And now Julie’s horribly upset – she’s been crying all afternoon and she won’t talk to anyone about it – and she’s really angry with HR because she feels like a little bit of compassion might have prevented it.

I feel so guilty – I keep thinking about how we were all so glad to see her go…. And then it turns out that losing her job was the last straw for her. I know it sounds really strange, but I looked on the internet for 2 hours, trying to find something that would tell me the cause of death because I’m hoping that it was something “normal” and unintentional like a car wreck, or a heart attack. And a few minutes ago, the HR lady called me into her office and asked me if I blamed her for Janet’s death. BLAH – talk about a weird conversation. I told her that I didn’t think it was anybody’s fault necessarily, because she obviously had huge problems, but I did think that we ALL could have been more sensitive.

This week has SUCKED….. it just really, really blows. From Ron’s little name-calling incident on Monday, to this today – I’m just ready to pack it in. I swear this is most random, dramatic, screwed up bunch of people that I’ve ever worked with…. It’s almost funny in a really sick, twisted way. I keep wanting to laugh, which is totally inappropriate – not because I think it’s funny but because it’s just f-ed up. Good lord.