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Mama, Jen & Sue are coming to have lunch with me today – I’m excited. Of course there will probably be some kind of drama that you only have when you’re totally free of responsibility and I’ll get annoyed, but right now I’m really excited! :)

Bobby’s traveling with Champion – was gone last night and will probably not be home until tomorrow. I went to dinner with Mama and Linda last night at Outback – it was a nice time.

Michele and I talked for about 1.5 hrs last night – I hadn’t talked to her in about 2 weeks since she went on vacation, so we got all caught up. Whenever I talk to her, I’m stuck by such a feeling of missing her. She truly, truly is one of my very, very best friends…. I have so much in common with her – the way we think, the way we interact with people, the way we communicate… love her!

So this week has been a learning experience for me. Ron pushed me too far for the first time, and I ended up (unintentionally) reporting him to HR, and then confronting him in his office. It was actually a liberating experience – I knew I was right, and that I wasn’t just going to let it go – and I talked in him in such a way that didn’t offend him, and actually made him fonder of him, I think – but also in a way that I still respected myself.

And we cancelled Mama’s CAT scan that was scheduled for this week. We are consciously choosing the “ostrich” approach – our family has had a much-needed break lately, and we’re not quite ready to give it up. So we’re choosing to not know anything new for at least a while more – Mama’s bump is almost completely gone, her hair is starting to thicken up again, her treatments aren’t too horrible, and this is probably as normal as life is going to be from now on. The CAT scan wasn’t even suggested by O’Rourke – it was something suggested to him by Daddy and Linda – so we felt at liberty to cancel it ourselves, and I think that it was definitely the best decision for all of us.