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I had a strange little evening last night.

Went home, and rode with Jennifer & Tom to have dinner with Mama, Daddy & Sue. It was the typical Weathers family meal – lots of discord and confusion, 5 different conversations at once, and gossiping about Sue when she went to the bathroom. Poor Daddy was on his way to Michelin, so he was very silent and morose. Jennifer was ragging Sue’s butt about buying us vanilla frosties instead of chocolate, and Mama was announcing her unsolicited opinion that Mr. Greene should dedicate Maggie. This diverted Jennifer’s attention away from Sue momentarily – so there was then an impromptu planning session of a reception for Maggie at M&D’s house after the dedication. Daddy had already left by this time, so I filled in for him by asking how they planned to pay for it. Hey, I’m a nerd, it’s my job. Poor Daddy. Mama & Sue then went to see “Shrek 3” with Wanda & Kathryn, and Jennifer & Tom decided that they wanted to see a movie too – and I was riding with them, so I was stuck along for the ride – literally. No movie appealed, so we ended up at Ashley Furniture, where Jennifer proceeded to fixate on the sleigh bed that she’s been looking at for about 6 months. So she and Tom got into a fight on the way back about whether a bed was really the best use of $500 now that they’ve (to quote Tom) been impregnated, and although they both looked to me for support, I pled the 5th, and escaped to my apt to watch the Bachelor Finale in peace.

Bobby and I both have Monday off, which is going to be nice… I think that this is the first time since we’ve been married that he’s had normal holidays off.