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I can’t believe that May is nearly over… the last few months have really flown by. Proof that time doesn’t fly just when you’re having fun – because I don’t think that “fun” is the word I would use to describe the last 8 months. I was thinking the other day – I can’t believe that I’ve already been here at S-D for 8.5 months – only 3.5 more to fulfill my year contract. I guess I quit counting quite so closely once I realized how much this job is helping us in our quest for financial makeover… somehow, it’s a little easier to handle when I see the progress that we’re making.

So I need to do updates on several things:

Our anniversary – it was really, really nice. Bobby and I went to the Melting Pot, and just blew it out – had a bottle of wine and lobster and chocolate fondue – the works. It was fabulous.

I’m starting to feel so much more settled in my life – I don’t really know why, but things are just feeling better than they were. I’m sure that a lot of it is Lexapro related…. I’m just not letting things get to me as much as they were.

Also, Mama’s kinda been on a chemo hiatus – it worries me just because I have visions in my head of cancer spreading like wild-fire… but I know that the doctors all say that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and so I’m trying to act accordingly. Our finances are starting to feel very under control, which is playing a huge role – maybe even as huge a role as the Lexapro – in my calmer state of mind. Bobby’s working, and likes his job – that makes a huge difference.

The president of one of our suppliers died this weekend – he was probably only in his 50’s, very active diver, who just dropped with a heart attack. It just so startling when stuff like that happens – I really, really wonder which is better… to watch a parent fight and inevitably lose a battle with disease, or just drop dead one day of a heart attack. For the parent, the dropping dead is better – you don’t see it coming, you’re just enjoying life and feeling normal – not stressing and worrying about the future. But which is better for the family? To be able to say goodbye over a long period of time? Or to know that they died healthy and happy without a clue of what was coming? I just don’t know…

Bobby spending the night in Charlotte for work, so I have the evening to myself. Mama and Daddy are coming to Anderson for dinner, so I think I’m going to join them.

Jennifer’s last day is tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that she’s completely done with teaching – she has to go clean her room out this week, and then that’s it for her and Starr-Iva. Her kids are so upset – they threw her a surprise baby shower, complete with cake, streamers, and nice gifts. I’ll bet Jennifer never thought that she would actually be the favorite teacher – she really did find her calling. I’m sad though – we talk almost every morning on our way to work, and now she’s going to be just snoozing away in bed while I’m still driving like always.