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It’s over!! WOOHOO! The party was a smashing success…. Jennifer and I worked our butts off, but it all paid off, and we had nearly 80 people come – it was an overwhelming feeling of love and support for Mama. The slideshow was great – so many people stood there and watched all 100+ pictures scroll through – Grandma cried, and Mama cried when she saw Anne Lee walk up. We had a food scare (thought we were going to run out), but all was well. And the little stories/memories about Mama were a great success. There was a perfect mix of funny, touching, and sweet from all different perspectives – Townville people, family who knew her growing up, Fair-Oak people, and even people who had once been very close to her like Brad wrote wonderful things. Daddy called me this morning and thanked me for everything we did – I can honestly say that with the exception of buying more hamburgers, and a cartridge for the photo printer, there was nothing that I would have changed.

Other updates from this weekend:
I’m leaving for Duke this evening, coming back tomorrow, going to Wild Dunes Thursday for Jen R’s graduation pinning on Friday, then throwing Merrill’s lingerie party on Saturday.

Brad and Rosemary spent Saturday night with us. We had a wonderful visit with them, and I decided that I really, really like Rosemary. She’s very real – very nice – we’re actually a lot alike in some ways. And she’s very into Brad, which warms my heart – I’m happy for him. We went to the WOHS reunion, and it was a monstrous flop. Really, really disappointing. I had a brief thought of volunteering to plan our 20th year in 9 years, but I really don’t care that much. So I’m checking it off my list of “things to do before I die” and considering it completed.

Gotta go get work stuff done, as well as knocking some shower stuff out. Must go.