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Tom emailed me yesterday and was talking about how he’s worried about their money with all the weddings/graduations/showers/birthdays and of course THE BIRTH coming up. I was really hoping that the house would have sold by now, but they haven’t even showed it this week. Which worries me since I remember Joy Jarrett telling us that there’s a 2-week window, and after that the attention drops dramatically. But he says that he’s not really worried about the house because God will make it sell at the right time – so ok. I guess if he’s not worried, then I shouldn’t be either.

Jennifer told me this morning about a kid getting mad at her because she didn’t get selected for the high school choir… apparently, one of the other 8th-graders came to Jennifer and told her that this kid – Tiffany – said yesterday that she “hates Mrs. Haren, and wants to kick her in the stomach.” Now this is NOT OK. With the scary, sad, sad thing that happened Monday at VA Tech, you can’t just ignore that kind of behavior. Jennifer went to the guidance counselor and they talked to the girl together today – told her that she was getting a “second chance” but that saying things like would lead to her getting expelled. But I’m not satisfied – I want Jennifer and the principal to call the kid’s parents… if it was my kid, I would want to know that the school’s administration had been notified because of my child’s violent thoughts. It’s just really, really scary… you really don’t know what kids are thinking these days, and it’s getting to the place where there’s no such thing as an “over-reaction” to something like that.

Oh, and about Tom’s ordination. The church sent out this huge announcement to everybody that Tom, along with 3 other people, was going to be ordained on April 21st. So he gets all excited and invites all these people – us, his family, etc. Well, last Wed Apr 11th, they call him into the office and tell him that they think there might be “an issue” because Jennifer isn’t a member of the church, and they would like to meet with him Thurs morning to discuss it. He was all bent out of shape – went home and told Jennifer what they had said. She told him that she would become a member for him – that she didn’t believe in church membership, and it wouldn’t really mean anything to her, but that if that’s what it would take, then she would do it. Now, instead of going in and saying “you know, my wife has been thinking about joining the church for a while, so she would like go ahead and start the paperwork” (which would have just eliminated the problem), Tom stays up until 2am preparing an argument backed biblically. Then he goes in there on Thurs morning and blasts them – questions the entire practice of church membership, points out that church membership is a man-made creation, and has no bearing on Jennifer’s faith and backs himself up with the Bible. And they say “well, we just don’t feel like you and Jennifer could have a united union” – and Tom replied “I assure you that we’re united, and become more so everyday. Jennifer is an active member of a home group and pays her tithes to this church – that’s a lot more than a most of your “paper members” do.”

So bottom line, they told him that they thought that they needed to “wait” to ordain him… they had nothing to say, the only argument they even had was the “united union” thing and they didn’t back themselves up with any proof or evidence – just an assumption. And they couldn’t come back against any of Tom’s biblical references – they basically just wiggled out of it by pulling their trump card since they’re the “kings” of NS. So now Tom is faced with the task of going back to all the people and telling them (without really telling them) that he’s not going to be ordained after all.

That church just sucks. Mama and Daddy are so proud of him that he took Jennifer’s part instead of just caving and asking her to do something that she doesn’t believe in. My hope is that this is the first crack in the dam – that over time, Tom will realize that he’s outgrown that type of “multi-media” spiritually, and he’ll move on to a church that’s better for his family as a whole. It would be great if that could happen before Maggie gets too old – Jennifer loathes the idea of raising a child in that church, and I know she would celebrate the day that Tom said “let’s go.”

And speaking of church – Bobby and I need to find one. I don’t really even want to start looking again, but I know that we need to start scoping out a place that would be good for young family – lots of kids, and couples our age. Bobby really liked his dad’s church that we went to on Easter – Edwards Rd Baptist – but I’m not sure. It’s 45 minutes away, and I don’t feel like it’s anything that we couldn’t find right in Anderson. But the problem with having a younger crowd in a church is that they don’t dress up – it’s usually always that whole “come as you are” thing, which just drives me and Bobby both batty. At least we agree on that – that’s a good thing. But we might have to suck the dress code thing up if we do happen across a church that has a decent pastor and a nice, friendly group of people. We’ll just dress our kids up and deal with the “why do I have to dress up when none of my friends do?” when we get to it. I wish that Jennifer and I could go to church together. We were raised in the same thing, we have the same expectations – and I would like to have a ready-made friend instead of having to bust into a clique that’s already formed. But as long as Tom’s at NS, that’s not going to happen.

Had dinner with Mama & Daddy at Mama Penn’s last night, just the 3 of us. It was nice – we talked a little about her dr’s appt yesterday, but mostly talked about other, happier things. They got a copy of her scan from Monday, but O’Rourke really had nothing to say about it – he’s waiting on the radiologist’s written report. And he said (as predicted) that there’s no reason to worry about Mama not taking a treatment for over a month, because “we just need to wait on Duke anyway, so it’s really better”. Hmmm, how did I know that it “wouldn’t matter”? Maybe because he’s already got her all scheduled to kick the bucket in about 5.5 months anyway, so why waste good chemo on her? But he was very pleasant and “upbeat” which Mama and Daddy both thrive off of, so at least there was something good about the visit.

Then I took Mama back to my apt with me while Daddy ran errands – Mama and I sat and looked at bedding on ebay for HOURS, until Bobby got home, then he and Daddy went back out to Five Guys so Bobby could eat. It was a nice visit – there are million things that I could have gotten done last night, but I was happy to spend a nice evening with M&D – Mama’s feeling good, and I don’t feel like I should waste that.