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It’s been while since I’ve written… I don’t really feel like it now, but I feel like I need to stay updated. So here’s the update:

Jennifer, Bobby and I went to Merrill and John’s couples shower this past Saturday.

Mama and Daddy went to VA this weekend, and Mama had a wonderful time. They went to Easter Sunday church, and Bro Greeley prayed for her, and Grandpa and Uncle Rocky came up and put they’re hands on her too and prayed and they all cried… I cried when Mama told me about it.

But then, the inevitable happened… Uncle Rocky stuck his head in the window and his nose in their business as she and Daddy were pulling out of driveway, and said “why don’t ya’ll get in a church?” and Daddy just couldn’t let it go. He kept driving, but he called Uncle Rocky on his cell while Mama’s sitting there bawling and they get into a pissing match that’s been brewing for about 30 years – like Jennifer said, they’ve never liked each other, but they just haven’t had a legitimate reason to openly fight until now.

So they bicker, and Daddy’s an ass… I have no doubt that Uncle Rocky was one too, but Mama could only hear Daddy’s side of the conversation. She was sobbing when she told me and Jennifer yesterday – she said that Daddy had “stolen her joy.” I told her very quickly, and Jennifer backed me up, that this has nothing to do with Daddy… That God had given her the gift of comfort and peace at church that morning, and the little squabble was Satan trying to take that away from her…

I really think that one’s as much at fault as the other… Mama kept crying that “why couldn’t Daddy be the bigger man?”… but my question is, why does Uncle Rocky feel entitled to impose his opinion onto Daddy? That’s the second time that he’s done that, and Daddy was very clear with me that he wasn’t going let it slide again… they both just have too much pride. So who knows now… I have no idea how that’s going to resolve itself.

We’re having a big picnic for Mama’s 50th birthday – I reserved the River Forks picnic shelter, and sent a “save the date” email to about 50 people. I’ve heard from a few of them… the most exciting one so far is that Rachel’s flying in – she booked her flight today.. so Jennifer and I are going to just pick her up that morning and let her run errands with us… I haven’t told Mama – the party itself isn’t a surprise, so I thought that that would be a great thrill for her. I haven’t heard anything at all from any of the Virginia people… I don’t know whether I should just let it slide, or email them individually and request that they make an effort to come. I’m think that just acting like the Daddy/Uncle Rocky thing never happened is the best plan… it’s water under the bridge and I’m not making it my fight.

I finally finished the taxes yesterday… all the sales taxes are COMPLETELY RESOLVED!!! I was so relieved when I walked out of there yesterday – the lady in the Tax Commission office couldn’t have been nicer, and I wrote a check for the total amount of $450 for almost all of 2006 and one quarter of 2007. I’ve never been so ecstatic to write a check for almost $500 – compared to the $6k that SC said we owed them, it felt like Christmas!

Jennifer’s doctor’s appt is this Thursday – the day after tomorrow – and we find out whether Baby H is a boy or girl…. I AM SO EXCITED. And everybody’s going to be there – Mama’s taking the day off, and Daddy’s going, and Susanna, and of course Jennifer and Tom… I hate to ask Ron for the morning off, but I think I’m going to have to… I just can’t stand that they’re all going to be there to see it actually happen and I’m going to be sitting here pretending to work and waiting for the phone to ring. I don’t think that Ron will care much – and it’s a huge freaking deal and I don’t want to miss it. I really want it to be a girl because I truly love the name Maggie Lawrence… but we do need some boys in this family, so I guess it’ll be ok either way. I just hate the little cutest girl’s name in the world is going to go to waste if it’s a boy…

We have an appt for a second opinion at Duke with a Dr. Marcom on May 1st… I’m taking the day off so that I can go up there with Mama and Daddy. I know I need to call and start figuring out what needs to happen to make sure that we get the most possible benefit from the visit.. but I just haven’t done it. I’ve been pretending this week like I’m a normal girl and my mother doesn’t have metastatic stage 4 breast cancer. I don’t think I’m quite ready to give that up just yet. Although Mama’s first Gemzar-only treatment was today – I tried to call at lunch, but she and Daddy didn’t answer. After work today, I’ll be the daughter of the cancer patient again – but right this minute I don’t feel like it.

What I really feel like doing is putting my head down and taking a nap. I’m freakin tired – didn’t go to bed until 3am this morning because I getting ready for one of Ron’s departmental “group hugs” today, and then couldn’t actually go to sleep until 3:30 because I had drank two cups of coffee. So now I’m flipping tired. Ready to go home.