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I dropped off Grandpa’s obituary to Sandra Marchbanks in HR to put in my file yesterday… She just called and said that she noticed his picture while she was filing it away, and just wanted to call and tell me that he looked like “the nicest, sweetest man”… It made me tear up – it was just a thoughtful gesture on her part. When I originally told her about Grandpa dying, I choked up and she came around the desk and gave me a hug. She’s so human – when she hugged me, she said “It’s ok to cry – goodness knows I’ve cried enough over my son.” I asked around, and apparently her son was killed in a car accident a few years ago – he was in his early 30’s, and was married with a baby. So very, very sad.

Ok, I’ve officially wasted almost another entire day in terms of actually doing my job… but I’ve put a jam-up packet together for Daddy about the chemos that Mama started yesterday. Did one on Gemzar, one on Carboplatin, one on acupuncture (per Mama’s request… a little strange, but hey, if she wants to try something new, I’m all for it), and one that’s just a general “glossary” of terms entitled Cancer Treatments 101.

In conclusion, I’ve realized (and I’m going to share this with Mama and Daddy) that the triple negative status only affects one category of chemos… in every other category, Mama has as many options as any other breast cancer patient. Of course, that particular category is where the research seems to be making leaps and bounds – the “targeted” therapies appear to be targeting hormone- and HER2-positive cancer more than anything else. They released a new targeted therapy just recently – Tykerb. But of course, it’s only for hormone-positive. So now they have a magic bullet for HER2-positive (Herceptin) and hormone-positive (Tykerb)….

I hope it’s triple negative’s turn now. But it takes years to get a new drug pushed through so that it would actually be available in Seneca, SC.