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And Jennifer just called on the way to her 3:50 dr appt. Told me that she called David yesterday to apologize – that she realizes that she was already generally distraught (apparently she had been ranting to Tom all the way to Townville because he put dip in his mouth – not a good move) and then David’s truck was the trigger. She said that she and David have a mutually respectful relationship, that she doesn’t hate him, that she sat in the driveway and sobbed until she just drove away because she didn’t feel like she could come in with her eyes swollen shut. She used the words “emotional breakdown.” So I was right for the most part (missed the part about Tom dipping, but he really needs to stop that mess) – but yet David still cancelled tonight because of the “tension.” Jennifer says that everything was fine when she got off the phone with him, but obviously that’s not the case? There’s still something lurking if he cancelled on my Fiesta Lime Chicken attempt.

Annoyed, that’s what I am.