I really, really, really can’t stand Ron. Can’t STAND him. I hate the way he makes me feel when he talks to me. Like I’m stupid, and ineffectual, and just utterly incompetent. He says something and when I respond, he twists and writhes until what he originally said isn’t really what he said at all, and I just heard it wrong. So ultimately, I am always stupid and he is always right. I can feel myself backpedaling and trying to figure out what to say that will be the right thing, and the end result is me fumbling through an incoherent sentence and he zings me anyway. And I hate the tone that he uses to talk to me – I am perfectly capable of hearing and understanding without him raising his voice and giving me that “I’m TRYING to be patient here” attitude. I cannot wait, CANNOT WAIT until Sept. I am gone. Out of here. Kaput. And I cannot wait.