Today’s Monday, but I’m ok with being here… I’ve already made myself a “to do” list, and now I just need to buckle down and start knocking it out. So I’m thinking that as soon as I get this little note to self done, I’m going to start working through the list I’ve made for myself. I just feel scattered on Mondays as a rule – I’m coming off the weekend, and inevitably, I didn’t get everything done that needed to be accomplished. So I spend Mondays stressing about all the stuff that I should and theoretically would be doing if I were home. For example:

1) Clean the bathroom. Mop the kitchen floor. Vacuum the carpet. Dust the furniture – at least the living room. Move the crap in the dining room to the office. And I have mixed feelings about all this stuff because Bobby’s home, and he’s not doing any of it. Well, he’s doing the absolute bare minimum… just enough to keep me from blowing a gasket. (Est time = 2 hrs)

2) Reorganize the crap that’s sitting everywhere so that it’s livable. Take the bedding in the bedroom to the storage room. Bag up the newer towels and take them to the storage room as well – we can just use the old towels while we’re living here and only have one bathroom and the newer towels will still feel new when we have a real house again. move those freakin boxes out of the hall… wow, walking down the hall without boxes hitting me in the shins would be lovely. (Est time = 4 hrs)

3) Finish freakin Christmas… I’m so sick of Christmas not being over. I need to mail Gill and Uncle Charlie’s gift cards with notes of apology. Write my thank you notes. Buy a little something for Michele/Michael and Andy/Kristy and either mail the stinking things, or arrange a time when I can give them and call it a day. Christmas was a just thing to get through this year – I’m glad it’s over and I’m ready to close the chapter. (Est time = 2 hrs)

4) File all the paperwork in the office. It’s EVERYWHERE… a true organizational disaster. I can’t even find some of my money for my b-day/Christmas. Completely annoying. (Est time = 3 hrs)

5) Hang the pictures in the living room. The apartment sucks, but I would at least like to have a nice space to walk into every day. (Est time = 20 min)

Whew, ok I feel better now… even it’s not done, it just helps writing it down. And this weekend, I had all day yesterday to get all this stuff done and do you think it did any of it? Um, no… I laid on the couch like a big slug and watched movies with Bobby. And you know, all the stuff listed above wouldn’t really take that long to accomplish once I get started…